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Matt Stimpson

Hi Cherone.

I need to properly thank you and Alan. You‘ve been so helpful and kind to us, and I strongly suspect you’ve both done us more favours than we‘ll ever really know. Having Alan working on the job has made my life much easier during this last week of worry, I knew I could leave him to do a great job and trust him doing it. I really can‘t express how much he’s helped me get through this week.

We had planned on taking you both out for a meal once the job was done as a thank you, but with the new arrival that plan will have to change. We will give you some sort of thank you though, rest assured, and I’m telling everyone I can about the quality of work Alan does to get him as much businesses I can.

I’m hoping we can keep in touch in non-business sense after this, I would be very happy calling you both friends.

Matt Stimpson