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How to Maintain and Clean Your Wood-burning Stoves Glasgow

Maintaining the woodburning stoves Glasgow is the perfect solution to make the device work properly. The stoves are preferred as they generate heat and no such maintenance is needed. Everyone wants to get the most out of the stove. Hence, it is important to keep it well-maintained all the time. If you want to take care of the stoves, we assure you of the best treatment and maintenance so that you get an eco-friendly heating solution. 

Everything that you need at the time of maintaining several kinds of stoves like multifuel stoves Glasgow are listed below:

  1. Stain blocker
  2. Paint
  3. Cleaner
  4. Bristle brush
  5. Floor cleaner
  6. Old cloth to clean
  7. Medium grade steel wood

Let us start the maintenance process now!

  1. Start cleaning your stoves. Make sure they are not hot. If the tar and shoot deposits have been removed, then brush away the dust particles and apply a thin coating to stain block. Have a look and re-coat it, after a couple of hours after the first one gets dried. Once done, now you can paint the palace with any kind of theme or colour that you prefer.
  1. Get a medium-sized pad of steel wool and rub the rest away from the wood burner. Use protective gloves and gently rub it until the dust goes away. With the help of a brush, sweep away the mess and clear the surface area for painting.
  1. Clear the glass and metal and handle with newspaper and tape. If you are planning to repaint the whole appliance, then open the door and windows prior to the painting. This will help in proper ventilation. Stand 25-30cm away from the painting area, and spray the colour according to your preference.
  1. If the windows of the stove have become too sooty that indicates that burning is not done efficiently. Clean and wipe the window and leave them for a few minutes. With the help of damp rag, remove the dust in the woodburning stoves, Glasgow. Once done, clean it with a translucent cloth.
  1. Now the rope seal around the door will lose its shape allowing fumes to leak out. It is recommended, to set a fire close to the door. If the flame is downwards, this implies that the seal has poor infrastructure and rope needs a replacement.
  1. Coming to the firebox, at first, empty the ash pan. Check whether they are broken or not. Keep the air inlets open and allow the chimney to dry. This is essential to keep your log burners Glasgow in sound condition.
  1. Seal slate hearth. It will make the whole task a bit easier. Clean the loose dirt and with the cleaner, mop up the water as much as you want. Wipe the clean water and let the towel dry. It will take 4-5 days to dry properly. Once done, there comes the application for sealer.
  1. Do not use stone care product where the temperature is about 25-degree Celsius. Read the manual before taking any decision. Slate oil will remove dirt and ash allowing the slate to breathe. Make sure everything is dry! If not, then clear them with a sponge or brush. 

It is recommended to clear all kind of stoves starting from multi-fuel stoves to the chimney systems at least for once a month. All Fired Up Scotland Com provides a wide range of wood-burning stoves Glasgow along with the maintenance and service facilities for the same. Browse through the website and see more what comes in your range from a fantastic series of gas fires.